The 21st Century Village Community Learning Center

"Changing the way we do business in The Village through parent and community involvement."


The mission of The 21st Century Village Community Learning Center, Inc. is to provide children, families, and communities with the skills and knowledge needed to educate and empower all members of the community to realize their dreams of living fulfilling lives in the 21st century.

Education & Empowerment

Empowerment of children and families can go a long way in helping overall community development. We work in providing parents and children opportunities to voice their own opinions in ways that are effective in bringing about positive changes in their lives. When individual family members are equipped with the skills, knowledge, and the belief that they have an influence in the decisions directly impacting their own lives, they will begin to become more involved in schools, communities, and other programs to improve the overall family’s health and well-being.



Tutoring Services

Along with daily, homework assistance, we provide students with meaningful activities that address each students…

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Enrichment Programs

The enrichment programs focus on creative arts, school success skills, social emotional learning, prevention programs, service …

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Parent Resources

To help parents become more engaged in their child’s education, we provide training…

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Building a Stronger Community 

We believe that if you want to change communities, organizations must take the time to establish long term and caring relationships with individuals. Our efforts and commitment to building strong, caring, and working relationships with children and families will guarantee a stable and stronger community for us all.

Homework Time


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